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Pick Your Best Ceramic Watches and Shine

Pick Your Best Ceramic Watches and Shine

Discover the best ceramic timepieces. Journey into our comprehensive guide to its timeless elegance and durability!
May 18, 2024
Who hasn’t heard of the explosive growth of ceramic watches? It has been in the limelight for the past few years. Many luxurious brands of watches are in their progressive work to make the finest watches with special ceramic. It’s no surprise since ceramic is one of the hardest materials to craft.

Ceramic is solid yet lightweight. It is a piece of historical evidence over time. For ages ago, artists and artisans have been using this material for their work of art. Having an abundance of artistic value, it’s no wonder that many seek to use ceramic in watchmaking. But, don’t get it wrong. The difference between ceramic for daily use and ceramic for a timepiece lies in the high-tech ceramic material.

Luxurious watch collectors hold high regard for superb precision and handcrafted complications in a high-tech ceramic watch. That is one of the reasons why it is highly sought, especially by me. 

If you are about to buy one, take a look at its boon and bane below. They are my personal opinion. But you can use it as a consideration before owning a ceramic watch. I also have listed the 3 best ceramic watches for you.

The Boon of Ceramic Watches

High-tech ceramic is made to last for decades. The material is tough and durable. That is the essential part of choosing high-tech ceramic watches. Its resistance to scratch is higher than stainless steel. It’s close to impossible to scratch a ceramic. Mostly, the watches have a sapphire crystal in their case to further be scratch-proof. Next, high-tech ceramic has great tolerance to corrosion and UV rays. It is many times more resistant to corrosion than titanium. You don’t need to worry about color fading as the watch can preserve its initial look after years. Not only that, the material is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and anti-magnetic. It fits on every skin tone with varying degrees of sensitivity and every rough terrain for exploration.

The Bane of Ceramic Watches

Yes, ceramic is a great material for watches with many values. Yet, its downside might strike you with amazement. Although exceptionally durable, a ceramic watch is easy to shatter. Drop it from high ground and hard surface, then it will undoubtedly break. In addition, the price is astronomical due to the material and watchmaking process.


Since 2009, Bell & Ross watches have always advanced with picturesque design. Combining the concept behind the bravery of military personnel and the brevity of life comes the BR 01 CYBER SKULL. It has accumulated the valuable history of the Bell & Ross Skulls collection.

BR 01 CYBER SKULL highlights the modern contemporary appearance. Not only does it break the traditional watchmaking code, but the watch also puts in a high-tech full black matte ceramic for the angular dial. 

Its transparent sapphire crystal shows the extreme detail of the skeleton craftsmanship. Also, the watch comes with 50m water resistance and is able to glow in the dark with its metal skeleton Super-LumiNova.

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Prospex Professional 1000M Emperor Tuna Ref. SBDX038

As one of the top-selling brands, Seiko is known for the impressive watches for professional divers especially this Prospex Professional 1000M Emperor Tuna Ref. SBDX038 offers an irresistible classic look with matte gold color and black color. 

This re-creation of the Seiko Tuna watch in 1975 uses titanium and zirconia (advanced ceramic material that is harder than stainless steel and more resistant to corrosion than titanium) as the material for its case.

This renewed version of Seiko Tuna also uses the topmost modern materials for its durability and scratch-resistant. The timepiece applies modern high-tech automatic movement and is impervious to water up to 1000 m. Paired with the finest materials together, Seiko has successfully re-created the timepiece with sapphire crystal, Ever-Brilliant steel bezel, titanium body, and ceramic outer-shroud case.

Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Blue Ref. R32128202

For those who love the futuristic look of a ceramic watch, Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Blue Ref. R32128202 might be your best companion. This watch combines innovative and best materials of sapphire crystal and plasma high-tech ceramic for the case and bracelet. Truly, the right pick for those who crave a modern and sporty appearance with a piece of dashing masculinity.

Rado Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Blue Ref. R32128202
Ceramic watches

Rado constantly refines its technology and craftsmanship in watchmaking. It is the mark of decades of Rado’s perfection and history. This latest look of Captain Cook adopts whole high-tech ceramic monobloc case construction, scratch-resistant, and hypoallergenic high-tech ceramic. It is also suitable for water sports with a water resistance of 300m.

Those are our recommendations for the three best ceramic watches for you. It goes well in your collection if you’re into contemporary watches design. Although the price is astronomical, it is worthy of investment for its durability and lasting appearance. Just be sure not to drop it from high grounds.

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