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Best Women’s Watches Under $1000: A Simple Beauty

5 Best Women’s Watches Under $1000: A Simple Beauty

Timepieces with elegance and exceptional beauty are no longer hard to find. Explore women's watches under $1000 with splendid quality here!
Jan 25, 2024

Sometimes it just needs research to own a great watch that won’t rob your bank account. With the development in the watchmaking industry, many watch brands offer excellent timepieces at affordable prices. For instance, you can have a lot of options for the best women’s watches for under $1000. 

With that budget, you can grab a timepiece with a great look and reliability to accompany your daily activities. These days, it’s not always about money and luxury as there is always something to find with a certain budget. For a thousand bucks, which is still a big amount of money, you can find women watches of various designs and features of a timepiece. 

What to Expect in Women’s Watches Under $1000

 A thousand bucks is such a good value of money to spend on timepieces. It’s a middle spot between grail-level timepieces and affordable ones you can find in the market. Well, there are many good watches you can buy for $1000 with various designs, models, and even movements.

The best women’s watches under $1000 still feature a solid-built quality that can compete with other renowned brands. They’re cheap and can outperform cheaper more common watches. A budget of $1000 mostly consists of premium offers from brands known for their affordable watches, such as Seiko.

However, you can’t expect to come into luxury collections, let’s say Rolex, with only a thousand bucks. Regardless, true watch enthusiasts would appreciate watches under $1000 for what they are as long as they’re not replicas or fakes. In fact, women’s watches under $1000 exhibit an elegant beauty, be it on the dial, movements, or straps.

So, what can you expect from women’s watches under $1000? There are plenty of features to see in this range, such as high-quality materials, sapphire crystal, and automatic movements. Using these qualities with a touch of premium, it does make the watch look expensive and enchanting as well.

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Now, that you’ve set the budget and know what to expect in women’s watches under $1000, let’s get to the list!

Mido Rainflower Rose Gold Red Ladies Ref. M043.

Best Women’s Watches Under $1000: Mido Rainflower Rose Gold Red Ladies

The first on the line that should not be missed comes from Mido with its enchanting design. Mido itself has been known for its timeless watch design inspired by well-known architectural buildings. This Rainflower Rose Gold Red Ladies takes inspiration from Singapore’s ArtScience Museum. 

It flaunts a white mother-of-pearl dial with 8 enchanting genuine red rubies for the hour indices to match the captivating red leather strap. Not only appealing but also features a well-built construction despite being a dressy piece. It has a high resistance to corrosion thanks to the Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coating. 

Driven by the Swiss automatic movement Caliber 80, the watch boasts 80-hour of power reserve that works at 21,600 beats per hour (3 Hz). This Rainflower edition does make a great choice for women’s watches under $1000 for only $980 USD.

Price: $980 USD 

Steinhart Ocean 39 Pink Gold Ceramic

Best Women’s Watches Under $1000: Steinhart Ocean 39 Pink Gold Ceramic

Looking for a bold look but still holds elegance? The Steinhart Ocean 39 Pink Gold Ceramic is the perfect choice for women’s watches under $1000. It creates a powerful charm with a black dial and leather strap while still beautifully charming with a pink gold plate for the lugs, buckle, and crown to give a lux feeling. 

This Steinhart watch also comes in proportional dimensions at 39mm diameter and a 47mm lug-to-lug, allowing for a comfortable wearing experience on most wrist sizes. Designed as a dive watch, the watch compromises standard features, such as 120 clicks bezel, 300m of water resistance, and a good amount of lume markers and watch hands. 

Price: $500 USD

Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto Blue Ref. H32215141

Best Women’s Watches Under $1000: Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto Blue Ref. H32215141

A timepiece is also a valuable investment to elevate women’s charming outfits like beautiful earrings and necklaces. For that reason, you can consider the Jazzmaster Open Heart Lady Auto Blue to be on your list at an affordable price. Looking at the appearance, the watch nicely combines contemporary sophistication with Swiss engineering.

The watch boats a reliable Hamilton caliber H-10 automatic movement, which is a modified 25-jewel ETA day/date movement. It offers an 80-hour power reserve and operates at 21,600 beats per hour. Another highlight is definitely the semi-skeletonized dial that showcases the working inner movements.

Price: $945 USD

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Seiko Exceline Gold Ref. SWDL160

Best Women’s Watches Under $1000: Seiko Exceline Gold Ref. SWDL160

A dress watch is the most way to go when it comes to women’s watches. The Seiko Exceline Gold Ref. SWDL160 works the same with classic beauty and affordable price. As displayed in the picture, this Exceline flaunts a simple time-only layout that embodies the minimalist look of a true dress watch.

Further enhancing the classic, Seiko equipped the watch with a fully polished gold-tone stainless steel case. The smooth lines with a gentle curve also give a pleasing and sophisticated look. Staying true to its dressy nature, it comes in delicate dimensions with only 23,9mm diameter and 5.1mm thick.

Price: $357 USD

Oris Sixty Five Bronze “Cotton Candy” Pink – Bracelet – 38mm

Best Women’s Watches Under $1000: Oris Sixty Five Bronze “Cotton Candy” Pink – Bracelet – 38mm

The last recommendation on our list is over $1000 but might pick your interest. It is Oris Sixty Five Bronze “Cotton Candy” Pink. Just like the name indicates, the dial comes in pink which gives a pleasant look and joyful charm. This is in line with Oris’s ambition when introducing the ‘Cotton Candy’ collection which is to bring a smile.

Featuring the pink dial, the watch picks up the all-bronze color for the case, bezel, crown, and bracelet. The bronze appearance creates a distinctive look that somehow makes the watch nicely combine a modern and traditional design. Powering the watch is Oris 733 which is an automatic movement based on SW 200-1.

Price: $2,570 USD

Final Thought

The watches above show how great women’s watches are under $1000 still. That might answer your doubt about what to get with a thousand bucks on hand. In fact, the watchmaking industry does offer many things from the low-end to the most luxurious timepieces you can find in the market. Start your quest for new timepieces now! You can explore our collection in Gnomon Store.

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