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The 6 Best Watch Brands for Men: Affordable yet Dependable

Best watch brands for men, you can find any type of watch with an abundance of selections.
Jan 20, 2022

To search for new and best watch brands for men on one's own can be exhausting. The list of names can go on into tens, even hundreds. Not to mention the term "best" might be subjective depending on one's perception. It holds even truer for watch brands as each has distinctive features, characteristics, and philosophies. From rugged and bulky to elegant and minimal timepieces, they're made for different, particular purposes. 

Irrespective of the design, the materials of a watch also play a part. To have a clear line, however, we've picked the 6 most favorite and affordable watch brands for men. Whether you're searching for a dress watch, tool watch, sports chronograph, or dive watch, you will run into some brands worthy of your attention.

Best watch brands for men under 500

1. Steinhart

Steinhart is a brand new watch manufacturer located in Stadtbergen, Germany. Founded in 2001 by Günter Steinhart, this brand offers quality timepieces from Swiss-made components but assembled in Germany. The brand's Ocean 1 watches are very popular among watch enthusiasts. The collection has an almost identical build and design to the world's famous Rolex Submariner. Meaning, you don't have to empty your bank account while still owning one alike-Rolex watch on your wrist.

You can expect very high-quality dive watches with stunning designs from the lineup. Apart from their watches' remarkable trait, another benefit from Steinhart is the decent price of their timepieces. There are so many choices of dive watches within the price range under $500 USD. Most of them have a 300m water resistance, robust build (316L stainless steel case, ceramic bezel, and sapphire crystal), excellent lume, and screw-down crown with heavily protected crown guards. Steinhart is truly one of the most economical and best watch brands for men.

2. Seiko

We can't move further without mentioning the most popular and one of the best watch brands for men from Japan, Seiko. It's a well-known fact that Seiko offers the best value of mechanical watches, particularly the Seiko 5 watches. They are cheap in price but excel in nearly every aspect. If you're a tough guy, then you need a tough watch to accompany you on your adventurous journey. And, Seiko 5 watches answer your call.

With a history of more than 140 years in the watchmaking industry, Seiko has been insisting on producing watches that highlight precision and effectiveness. All Seiko 5 watch components are made in-house. With a typical and fresh design in each collection, Seiko keeps on maintaining the 5 principles for their watches: a self-winding automatic movement, a day-date window, a recessed crown at 4 o'clock position, water resistance for outdoor physical activity, and durable construction for the case and bracelet.

3. Aristo

Another pick from Germany, Aristo is one of the best watch brands for men founded by Julius Epple in 1907. In their early days, the company produced watches, watch cases, and in-house JE Urofa 56 movement. In 1998, Hansjörg Vollmer continued the brand's ambition to make exquisite, handcrafted timepieces. Since then, the brand has set its name to the global market as the company manufactures superb and low-priced timepieces: pilot, dive, and sports watches.

Aristo's pilot watches are the brand's most favorite among the masses. With a long heritage, their Flieger-style watches have been acknowledged to have exceptional value. A pilot watch is meant to fight in the air. It helps the professional to get a quick read of the time while being sturdy during the operation. Almost all of Aristo's Flieger is made from grade 5 titanium for the case, flat sapphire crystal, and durable calf leather strap. For better readability, the dial is kept simple and sterile with just the minutes, hours, and a date window.

4. Herodia

Herodia, Montres Herodia as the previous name in 1948, is a watch brand focusing on impressive mechanical watches. The company was founded by Henri Bargenter in the Jura Valley of Switzerland. Then, Herodia moved its location to Eaux-Vives Square, Genève. The brand has been making classic timepieces as a reminiscence of the emerging trends of the 50s and 60s. With a strict standard of quality, the watches are fully made in Swiss by master watchmakers.

The brand's Series 1 collection, the first step to revive the brand, is made as professional dive watches. To bring back the past memories, Herodia's watches preserve a unique, retro style for the best watch brands for men: a big crown at 3 o'clock position, classic aluminum bezel, a vintage-style, Italian leather strap. The watch sizes (42mm width and 48mm lug to lug) are an ideal balance for perfect wearability and legibility. The watches have a 300m water resistance.

5. Marathon

In 1939, Morris Wein founded Marathon Watch (previously known as Weinstrum Watch, then Wein Brothers), a Canadian watch manufacturer for fine military timepieces. After two years, the company began to directly produce its watches for the Allied Forces of World War II. Their watches are designed in Canada yet made in Switzerland. With the combination of Swiss craftsmanship and the watch's plentiful military heritage, Marathon watches are highly durable, dependable, and precise.

You might have never heard of the brand albeit the watches are available to the common folks. Yet, the brand is particularly popular and one of the best watch brands for men in the military circles of many armed forces across the globe. As the exclusive supplier to the United States Armed Forces, Marathon watches have kept a strict standard as tool watches to complete military duties. The company has three recognizable collections of watches: SAR Dive, Navigator, and General Purpose.

Best Watch Brands for Men Under 200

6. Swatch

You come to the right brand if you're looking for an affordable quartz watch with a plethora of colorful designs. Swatch Watch (short for secondary watch) was founded by Ernst Thomke in 1983, along with Elmar Mock and Jacques Müller. The Quartz Crisis in the late 1970s inspired the founders to create durable, plastic-made watches within a reasonable price range. Under $200, you can get a variety of casual yet versatile watches suited for many occasions.

The appeal of Swatch watches lies in their designs. From a very minimal look to a decorative artistic motif of the dial and strap, you're sure to like one according to your personal preferences. Swatch's latest release of Bioceramic watches has a futuristic appeal with a smooth touch on the wrist. The watches are made of a combination of bio-sourced plastic and ceramic. You can expect these watches to be durable and pleasing to the eyes.

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That's our recommendation of the 6 best watch brands for men under 500. The abundance of choices for dress, casual, tool, and dive watches won't bore you with each brand's distinctive designs and technologies.

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