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Unlock the Horological Excellence: Swiss Watches Under $500

Discover the perfect blend of luxury and affordability through our best Swiss watches under $500 recommendation. Elevate your watch collection today.
May 16, 2024

There is no doubt that Swiss watches often come with sky-high price tags, which reflect the heritage, precision, and craftsmanship that Swiss watchmakers are renowned for. However, the emergence of the best Swiss watches under $500 serves as a compelling option for any budget-conscious watch enthusiast. 

If you’re currently in the exploratory phase of building your next watch collection, considering an affordable Swiss watch is a wise decision. While the search process may require some time and effort, Gnomon Watches has provided a shortcut to our top recommendations for budget-friendly Swiss timepieces.

Without any further ado, let’s dive deeper into the best Swiss watches under $500 we have meticulously crafted for you.

Swiss Watches Under $500: Are They Good?

It is common knowledge that Swiss watches have a high price tag due to their quality and luxury. However, you can still get the best value for your money with Swiss-made watches under $500.

Without having to strain your wallet, you can expect several desirable features from Swiss watches, such as quality materials, reliability, and timeless design. These watches often come with stainless steel cases and bracelets, as well as a sapphire crystal for the dial window that is scratch-resistant. 

As well as, they are also available with varying degrees of water resistance, ranging from those that are suitable for light water activities to those that are nearly as waterproof as diver watches.

Therefore, the answer to whether Swiss watches under $500 are good is an absolute ‘Yes’ with such great values and affordability. Now, it is on you to decide which suits your preferences and needs best. 

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Affordable Swiss Watches for Your Next Collection

With these best Swiss watches under $500, you can add affordable luxury to your next watch collection.

Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 44mm Automatic A-Type

Movement ETA 2824-2/SW 200, élaboré
Dimensions 44mm in diameter, 52mm lug to lug, 14.2mm thick
Water resistance 30m

Made with the highest Swiss standard, this Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 44mm Automatic A-Type comes with a satin brushed stainless steel case. This timepiece is powered by a Swiss-made ETA2824-2 automatic movement. 

On top of that, the black dial also serves its own historical appeal to wearers. Equipped with Superluminova C1, it provides you with great readability in dark environments. 

Overall, this latest Steinhart Pilot watch collection makes one of the best automatic Swiss watches under $500 you can opt for. 

Price: $500.00 USD

Steinhart Ocean 39 Green

Movement SW200 Elaboré
Dimensions 39mm in diameter, 47mm lug to lug, 12mm thick
Water resistance 300m

Moving on to another lineup from Steinhart, this Steinhart Ocean One 39 Green highlights simplicity and elegance. It is made from stainless steel, featuring a satin brushed finish on the top of the lugs and bracelet, along with the screw links and flip-lock, enhancing the elegant look. 

Moreover, this timepiece has a great water resistance rate of 300 m and features a classic diver design bezel. This watch also serves as an alternative to the 42mm Oceans due to its smaller size that perfectly suit smaller wrist. 

Price: $470.00 USD

Steinhart Ocean One Black Ceramic

Movement ETA 2824-2/SW 200, élaboré
Dimensions 42mm in diameter, 49mm lug to lug, 13mm thick
Water resistance 300m

Still on the topic of the best Swiss watches under $500, we have this well-built diver watch, Steinhart Ocean One Black Ceramic. It runs on a Swiss-made ETA2824 movement. 

The applied SuperLuminova contributes to great readability and the engraved bezel surely keeps the numbers and markers highly visible in every lighting condition. Its satin brushed stainless bracelet is accompanied by screw links and flip-lock, exhibiting an elegant look and ensuring durability simultaneously. 

Price: $490.00 USD

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Marathon Pilot’s Navigator Black Sterile Dial Ref. WW194001-S-BK-D

Movement ETA FØ6 high-torque 3 jewels Quartz movement with EOL (End-of-Life) indicator
Dimensions 41mm in diameter, 48mm lugs to lugs, 13mm thick
Water resistance 30m

Looking for more Pilot-style watches? This Marathon Pilot’s Navigator Black Sterile Dial combines Swiss craftsmanship and military durability to guarantee you the highest quality and precision in a watch. 

Historically, the Pilot Navigator was designed to fulfill the request from the Kelley Air Force Base in the US, which needed watches with high legibility and accuracy for high-altitude uses. Thus, this timepiece is made with a high-impact fibershell case with a steel back, which certainly stays lightweight and durable at the same time. 

With the all-black, sleek design, this timepiece stands out for its masculine attractiveness, making it a perfect choice for affordable Swiss watches for men.

Price: $420.00 USD

Marathon GPQ NGM Black Quartz Ref. WW194004-BK-NGM

Movement High torque quartz • ETA FØ6 Movement
Dimensions 34mm in diameter, 41mm lugs to lugs, 12mm thick
Water resistance 30m

Still holding on to Marathon’s military spirit, this Marathon GPQ (General Purpose Quartz) NGM Black Quartz incorporates a robust case and is driven by a high-torque quartz engine which ensures extreme precision. 

This timepiece has a compact case, with only 34mm diameter and 12mm thickness, ensuring wearers high comfort on the wrist throughout the day. Speaking about readability, the dial features self-illuminating tritium gas tubes that continuously glow without any charge from an external light. 

With all the great values it offers, this timepiece can be your ultimate option out of the best Swiss watches under $500. 

Price: $300.00 USD

Marathon GPQ Government Reissue Quartz Ref. WW194015SS

Movement High-torque Quartz • ETA FØ6 Movement
Dimensions 39mm in diameter, 44mm lugs to lugs, 11mm thick
Water resistance 30m

Last but not least, our pick on the best Swiss watches under $500 falls to Marathon GPQ Government Reissue Quartz Ref. WW194015SS. This field watch features all the specifications required by the U.S. government. 

Starting with the Swiss high-torque ETA Quartz movement that brings high accuracy, to a shock-resistant movement with quite a long power reserve, 36 hours. 

Concerning comfort, this timepiece comes with a 16mm black nylon textile strap that wraps the wrist comfortably, while also elevating its rugged aesthetics. 

Price: $465.00 USD

Final Thought

To wrap up, affordable Swiss watches could serve you competitive qualities among those luxurious, steep-priced Swiss watches available in the market. From robust, sturdy field watches to simple yet elegant-looking watches, you can add one that suits your style and needs to your watch collection. 

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