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The Best 5 Spring Bar Tools to Change Your Watch Strap

The Best 5 Spring Bar Tools to Change Your Watch Strap

Looking for reliable spring bar tools to swap to a new look with your watch strap? Discover one here for effortless watch strap changes.
May 15, 2024

Watch enthusiasts and collectors understand the importance of proper maintenance and customization of their timepieces. One of the essential tasks in this realm is changing watch straps, which requires the use of spring bar tools. 

These unassuming tools play a vital role in helping aficionados swap straps and bracelets to give their watches a fresh look or improve comfort. A spring bar itself refers to a small metal used to secure and attach watch straps or bracelets to the watch case. It plays a crucial role to ensure the watch is comfortably worn on the wrist.

Removing a spring bar might sound easy. You don’t need to work with the internal mechanism and anyone could simply do it at their home. However, without the right spring bar tools, the task can be quite difficult. 

Therefore, this article will show you how to choose the best spring bar tools and get you through an easy watch strap replacement. With practice and a little know-how, it would be a simple operation to remove spring bars and change your strap to get an elevated look.

Understanding What is Spring Bar

Before delving into the world of spring bar tools, it’s crucial to grasp the concept of spring bars themselves. Spring bars are small, slender pieces of metal that act as the link between a watch’s strap or bracelet and its case. 

They allow for easy attachment and removal of watch bands, facilitating customization and maintenance. The design and quality of spring bars significantly impact the overall functionality and aesthetics of a watch.

To remove a spring bar, you’ll need spring bar tools. It is a specialized instrument designed to assist in the removal and installation of spring bars. These tools play a pivotal role in swapping out watch bands, adjusting bracelet sizes, and performing other maintenance tasks. 

While they might appear straightforward, having the right spring bar tool can make these tasks efficient, precise, and safe.

How to Use Spring Bar Tools

Having the right spring bar tool is only half the battle; mastering the techniques is equally important. Follow these steps for successful spring bar manipulation:

Removal: Insert the forked end or pin of the tool between the watch lugs and the spring bar. Apply gentle pressure to compress the spring bar, releasing it from the lug hole. Carefully slide the watch band away from the watch case.

Installation: Position the spring bar into one end of the watch band and align it with the lug hole. Use the tool to compress the other end of the spring bar and guide it into the lug hole until it clicks securely into place.

Adjustment: When resizing a bracelet, use the tool to compress the spring bar and slide it along the bracelet’s link to the desired position.

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Different Types of Spring Bar Tools

There are several types of spring bar tools available to assist watch enthusiasts and professionals in changing watch straps and bracelets. 

Each type of tool is designed to cater to different preferences and requirements. Here are some of the common types of spring bar tools:

Forked Spring Bar Tools

These are the most common type of spring bar tools. They feature two small forked ends that are inserted between the watch strap or bracelet and the watch case’s lugs. 

The forked design allows for easy manipulation of the spring bars. Forked spring bar tools are versatile and suitable for most watch straps.

Pusher-style Spring Bar Tools

These are designed like a small pen or stylus with a pointed end. They are used to compress the spring bar and push it through the lug holes, eliminating the need to maneuver a forked end. 

Pusher-style tools are ideal for watches with tighter lug spaces where using a forked tool might be challenging.

Combination Tools

Combination tools often incorporate a forked end on one side and a pin pusher on the other. This design offers versatility, allowing you to use the tool for both spring bars and pins. 

These tools are especially useful for individuals who work on different types of watches and watch bands.

Screwdriver-Style Spring Bar Tools

These tools resemble miniature screwdrivers and often feature reversible tips, with a forked end on one side and a flathead screwdriver on the other. 

They provide an alternative method for manipulating spring bars and are useful for watch enthusiasts who are more comfortable using screwdriver-like tools.

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Best 5 Spring Bar Tools

There are a lot of available spring bar tools on the market including ones in online stores. Gnomon Watches also offer reliable spring bar tools to assist you in changing watch straps. 

Below, we’re going to show you a list of the best spring bar tools you’ll for your watch-collecting journey.

1. Gnomon Spring Bar Tool

As a starter, we have Gnomon Spring Bar Tool to get you set up before swapping your bracelet. It measures 13,5cm in total, allowing you to keep it inside your storage box. 

Gnomon Spring Bar Tool
Gnomon Spring Bar Tool

This tool comes with a different tip on each end. A pointed pin tip on one end and another fork tip on the other. 

2. Gnomon Screwdiver & Spring Bar Tool

Versatility is what makes everything looks easier. Let us present you the Gnomon Screwdiver & Spring Bar Tool. This multi-purpose spring bar tool comes with a different tip on each end. 

Gnomon Screwdiver & Spring Bar Tool
Gnomon Screwdiver & Spring Bar Tool

On one end, it has a 1.6mm flat screwdriver tip to help you resize the bracelet and change strap buckles with a screw link. On the other end is another fork tip to remove your strap with ease.

3. Heavy Duty Spring Bar

A heavy-duty spring bar is a specialized type of spring bar used in watchmaking to secure watch straps or bracelets to the watch case, particularly in cases where extra strength and durability are required.

Heavy Duty Spring Bar
Heavy Duty Spring Bar

This Heavy Duty Spring Bar is made of 316L stainless steel with a double flange for easy installation and removal.

4. Bergeon 6111 Spring Bar Tool

Bergeon is a renowned name in the world of watchmaking tools, and their 6111 Spring Bar Tool is a favorite among watch enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

This Swiss-made tool features a sturdy construction with a replaceable fine fork tip and a reversible stainless-steel tip. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and precise control, making strap changes a breeze.

5. SE Spring Bar Tool Set

For those looking for a budget-friendly yet reliable option, the SE Spring Bar Tool Set is a popular choice. This set typically includes multiple spring bar tools with different tips, allowing you to handle various types of watches

With its comfortable handle and affordable price point, it’s an excellent choice for beginners and hobbyists.

Final Thought

Spring bar tools are indispensable companions for watch enthusiasts seeking to personalize and maintain their timepieces. Whether you’re changing straps for aesthetic reasons or upgrading for comfort, having the right spring bar tool can make a significant difference in your experience. 

Remember, investing in a quality spring bar tool is an investment in the longevity and appearance of your cherished timepieces.

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