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7 Must-Have Seiko Watches Under $500: Gnomon’s Top Picks

7 Must-Have Seiko Watches Under $500: Gnomon’s Top Picks

Jan 24, 2024
As a watch enthusiast, you must have been familiar with this well-known Japanese watchmaking brand, Seiko. By staying affordable, their timepieces still successfully present robust performance. If you are looking for the best Seiko watches under $500, you are in the right place.

While most people would not want to spend huge amounts of money on a watch, Seiko is their one-stop destination. Without having to break the bank, you can add up your watch collection with either a sporty dive watch or a minimalist yet stylish dress watch

Here, you will discover a compilation of the best Seiko watches under $500, specially curated by Gnomon Watches. Without any further ado, let’s delve straight into the recommendation!

Why Seiko Watches? 

For over 140 years, this brand has put a deep commitment to the world of horology. Here’s why Seiko should stay at the top of your list for your watch collection: 

Quality Craftsmanship

Seiko is renowned for its fully integrated in-house manufacturing capabilities. With much attention to detail, they equip their timepieces with very thoughtful components that could cover the wearers’ needs. Many of their items come with great movement, power reserve, water resistance, and scratch resistance. 

Diverse Collections

Secondly, Seiko also serves a diverse variety of watches that you need for any occasion, from classic dress watches to rugged dive watches and high-performance sports watches. 


With affordable price points, you can get the best quality watches even for less than $500. This accessibility allows watch enthusiasts of all budgets to own a Seiko timepiece.

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7 Affordable Seiko Watches Under $500 for Your Next Collection

Among the wide array of options that Seiko has offered, we have meticulously crafted our top picks of affordable Seiko watches that would not strain your account. Let’s get into the list: 

Seiko Exceline Silver Ref. SWDL209

Seiko Watches Under $500: Seiko Exceline Silver

Movement Caliber 4J41
Dimensions 23.9mm in diameter, 29mm lug to lug, 5.1mm thick
Water resistance 30m

Our first pick falls to this Seiko Exceline Silver Ref. SWDL209. This dress watch perfectly combines elegance and sophistication at a time. The main attribute that takes this timepiece to the next level is its slenderness. As it’s only 5.1 mm thick, it truly represents the traditional dress watch along with the black caiman leather strap as the companion. 

Moreover, with the Cal. 4141 quartz movement, this watch possesses a high performance with +/- 10 seconds accuracy a year and also 2 years of battery life. On top of that, it is equipped with the DiaShock hard coating, allowing it to be resistant to scratches. 

Price: $420.00 USD

Seiko Presage “Style60’s” Series White Ref. SARY193

Seiko Watches Under $500: Seiko Presage “Style60’s” Series

Movement Caliber 4R35. Seiko Automatic
Dimensions 40.8mm in diameter, 47mm lug to lug, 12mm thick
Water resistance 50m

Next, Seiko brings up a series of sporty dress watches through its Presage collection. This Presage “Style60’s” series White Ref. SARY193 comes with a reasonably slim case thickness of only 12mm, making it very versatile for any occasion. 

The caliber 4R35 automatic movement features a great power reserve of around 40 hours. Not only that, this timepiece offers reliability through its proprietary Diashock anti-shock system. Combining timeless design and great performance, this timepiece makes one of the best Seiko watches under $500

Price: $458.00 USD

Seiko Prospex 200M Scuba Diver Solar Black Ref. SBDJ051

Seiko Watches Under $500: Seiko Prospex 200M Scuba Diver Solar Black

Movement Caliber 6R54
Dimensions 42mm in diameter, 48.6mm lug to lug, 12.9mm thick
Water resistance 200m

Aside from the dress watches, Seiko also offers premium quality dive watches through Prospex’s newest line-ups, which stands for “Professional Specification”. This Prospex 200M Scuba Diver runs on the solar caliber V147 that provides a 10-month power reserve once it’s fully charged. 

The hour markers and hands are coated with the LumiBrite, allowing this timepiece to glow in the dark for hours. With a slim stainless steel case, this watch is highly versatile for most wrist sizes. All in all, this timepiece surely become your perfect companion in your next dive. 

Price: $494.00 USD

Seiko 5 Japan Seiko 5 Sports “Specialist Style” Black Ref. SBSA027

eiko Watches Under $500: Seiko 5 Japan Seiko 5 Sports “Specialist Style” Black

Movement Caliber 4R36
Dimensions 42.5mm in diameter, 13.4mm thick
Water resistance 100m

Looking for a slightly more sporty timepiece? Seiko 5 has relaunched the latest collection, the Seiko 5 Sports “Specialist Style” that offers you tougher built with the same affordability. It holds a 100m water-resistant stainless steel case and operates on an automatic caliber 4R36 with 40 hours of power reserve. 

Besides, it comes with a silicon strap topped with alligator-style leather, making this an iconic dive watch that tips into a dressy theme. The short lugs to lugs length also give great comfort to all wrist sizes, just like a glove. With the classic black look, this watch should be at the top of the list of Seiko watches for men.

Price: $310.00 USD

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Seiko 5 Japan Seiko 5 Sports “Specialist Style” Silver Vintage Ref. SBSA071

Seiko Watches Under $500: Seiko 5 Japan Seiko 5 Sports “Specialist Style” Silver Vintage

Movement Caliber 4R36
Dimensions 42.5mm in diameter, 13.4mm thick
Water resistance 100m

Still on the list of the best Seiko watches under $500, this Seiko 5 Sports “Specialist Style” Silver Vintage Ref. SBSA071 stands out for its unique yet mesmerizing vintage character through a faux distressed case. The bezel is also finished with the same distressed treatment. Featuring the raised 3D markers, it features a more rustic profile to this timepiece. 

This watch features hacking and hand-winding capabilities that a lot of Seiko fanatics have always desired. Moreover, it is equipped with a 40-hour power reserve, resulting in a perfect combination of form and function for a watch. 

Price: $410.00 USD

Seiko 5 Japan Seiko 5 Sports “Sports Style” Military Green 40 Ref. SBSA055

Seiko Watches Under $500: Seiko 5 Japan Seiko 5 Sports “Sports Style” Military Green 40

Movement Caliber 4R36
Dimensions 42.5mm in diameter, 13.4mm thick
Water resistance 100m

Now, let’s take a closer look at this minimalistic sport-style watch, namely the Seiko 5 “Sports Style” Military Green 40 Ref. SBSA055. This watch is surprisingly slim with only 11.5mm thickness and a 40mm case, allowing it to fit all wrist sizes. 

What makes this watch different from the other Seiko 5 timepieces is the lack of a dive bezel, resulting in a less bulky and minimalist look. On top of that, it comes with an army green nylon strap and dial that flawlessly presents an athletic look, making it suitable for most occasions. 

Price: $296.00 USD

Seiko Prospex Automatic Land Edition “Tortoise” Black Ref. SBDY103

Seiko Watches Under $500: Seiko Prospex Automatic Land Edition “Tortoise” Black

Movement Caliber 4R35
Dimensions 42.4mm in diameter, 45.2mm lug to lug, 11.7mm thick
Water resistance 200m

Onto the last pick of the best Seiko watches under $500, we have the Seiko Prospex Automatic Land Edition “Tortoise” Black Ref. SBDY103. After immersing ourselves in a great array of dive watches, this watch brings some fresh air as this timepiece is meant for land exploration. 

The newly released Seiko “Tortoise” displays a deep black dial and attractive golden accents. Inside, the hands can exceptionally glow bright in the dark thanks to the LumiBrite treatment. Moreover, it comes with sapphire crystal that offers significantly higher scratch resistance, unlike the usual mineral crystals. 

The 23 jewel movement also features a healthy power reserve of 40 hours. Additionally, the timepiece presents an ISO-certified water resistance of 200m that protects it well through wet terrains. This can be your ultimate choice over the best Seiko watches under $500.

Price: $470.00 USD

Final Thought

Now that you have explored our top picks on the best Seiko watches under $500, it is time for you to come to your final decision. Whether to opt for a classic, minimalist style watch or the sporty and athletic-looking watch. 

Each comes with its own unique values and qualities, so make sure that you pick one that suits your needs and personality. 
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