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5 Best Microbrand Watches for Collection in 2024

5 Best Microbrand Watches for Collection in 2024

Mar 12, 2024

In the midst of renowned luxury watch brands and huge manufacturers from Swiss to Japanese watch brands, there is a specific niche watchmaking industry. These small brands mainly focus on a certain audience with a very limited number of production. Here then what we call microbrand watches. 

Many microbrands have grown steadily over the past years with their exceptional and premium timepieces. This can't be denied of how every element can be part of the industry as there is always room for everyone. In fact, microbrand watches are also supported by high-quality craftsmanship that can compete with other luxury timepieces from huge brands. 

Small shops with limited resources that can produce a beautifully crafted timepiece are an art to be admired. No wonder many watch connoisseurs start to look for these kinds of timepieces. Not only that it is designed with meticulous work but also the limited numbers create exclusivity for the wearers.

There are many interesting microbrand watches to explore. In this article, we're going to talk more about what is microbrands and some of the well-known ones from the industry. Let's get straight into the discussion.

What are Microbrands Watches?

As some might not be familiar with the term microbrand watches, let's explore what a microbrand watch is first. The definition itself can be understood from the name. It indicates 'micro' which means that it refers to a small watch brand that produces only a limited number of watches. 

Typically, this brand doesn't have big resources as many huge watch brands. Yet, they are an expert on something or a certain feature of a timepiece. As they don't have extensive resources, many parts are supplied by a third party, such as the movement, mainspring, and gears. 

As the timepieces are produced in a limited number, many watch connoisseurs are interested to have one of the best microbrand watches. A limited number does bring exclusivity to the wearer. In addition to that, microbrand watches are sold directly to consumers without retail stores or e-commerce. 

However, some experts also mention that there is a grey area between microbrand and independent watchmakers. Simply put, independents are still considered bigger than microbrands as they typically have higher levels of watch expertise. Besides, many independent watch brands are also able to produce a relatively high number of timepieces, such as Christopher Ward.

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Pros and Cons of Microbrand Watches

Before considering buying watches from a microbrand, try to look at some pros and cons of microbrand watches. 


Exclusivity and uniqueness are definitely the main highlights of having microbrand watches. They definitely look stunning and amazing. As they are made in small numbers, you can wear a watch that stands out from the crowd. It's most likely that you will see someone wearing the same timepiece as yours.

The next benefit of microbrand watches is the value inside the watch. Every piece is hand-crafted and that makes the quality control would mostly pretty spot-on. 

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There is always another side of a coin and the same goes for microbrand watches. We can't deny that the huge name of Swatch Group or Japanese brands does bring trustworthiness and relief to the buyer. On the other hand, buying a timepiece from a microbrand is quite a dilemma.

We never know if the shop would probably close in the next year due to bankruptcy. If that's the case, where would we bring our watch for service? In addition to that, many microbrands are mostly crowd-funded. With that being said, the brand might take a very long time to produce another new batch of watches.

5 Best Microbrand Watches for An Exclusive Collection In 2024

Now that you know what microbrand watches are as well as the pros and cons as well, you might want to take a look at some of the best microbrand watches. Here, I've compiled 5 of my favorites.


An independent watchmaker with sophisticated craftsmanship and premium materials, Hitori is a Japanese microbrand that delivers value-driven timepieces. Throughout its journey, Hitori always looks for possibilities in innovation in making a timepiece. Most of their watches are dive timepieces with sleek vintage styling. 

Hitori Habuka 39 Snow White

The Japanese heritage is the value that inspires many of HItori's watch design and production. One of the renowned collections is the Ryukyu Diver Series which is a homage to prehistoric skin divers. Hitori's meticulous production is also part of the charm that drives flourishing finishes and intricate details.

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The next best microbrand watches are the ones made by Autodromo. Many of their collections are inspired by cars and vintage motoring. As such, if you have much interest in automotive, microbrand watches by Autodromo could be an option to own exclusivity on the wrist. 

The inspired design is taken from none other than the founder's interest in motoring. Combined with that passion, Autodromo produced some enchanting and unique chronographs. One of the well-known pieces is the Autodromo Intereuropa.

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Carrying the passion of watch lovers and the spirit of Swiss movements, Evant makes some legit microbrand watches that should be on your radar. Started in 2015 by a group of passionate people in their field, this microbrand carries its excellent reputation. Evant watches feature a combination of modern style and historic design elements. 

Evant Polestar Classique - Ltd Production

Thanks to the collaboration of zealous watch lovers, engineers, watchmakers, and architects, Evant produced a list of exceptional timepieces. Along with Evant's intriguing ethos, every timepiece is designed with aesthetics, reliability, built, and affordability.

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Based in Vancouver, Canada and started in 2009, Halios managed to attract the watch community's attention. Some even said that Halios is the Rolex of microbrands. This praising claim does indeed due to something that many people acknowledge. 

Halios is considered pretty quick in providing new models for its loyal customers. Not to mention the quality it offers to make its lovers patiently wait for another new batch. The Seaforth is one of the popular ones that leads to many other releases.


Magrette is also another microbrand that already sets its journey on the international level. The company is known for its value-driven timepieces and dive-inspired watches. As for the movement, Magrette uses quite a variety of movement styles, from Sellita, ETA, and Miyota movements

Another interesting feature of Magrette microbrand watches is their high water resistance which can withstand up to 500m. One of the most popular collections is Moana Pacific Waterman which cost affordable prices in the range of $300 to $765.

Final Thought

In the end, we can say that microbrand watches are another part of the diversity in the watchmaking industry. Besides, microbrand watches are made with meticulous work that gives value to the timepiece. 

It's not like making a replica but another stunning art of watch craftsmanship from people who love working with time-telling devices. In fact, there are a lot of shops making microbrand watches out there but on this list are just some of the best in the field. 

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