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Gnomon's August 2022 Lookbook // We’ve Not Forgotten the Ladies

This month's Lookbook is based on what we think women can rock on their wrists. It is not a definitive guide on what ladies should wear. Ready? Let’s get down to it.
May 22, 2024

This month’s Lookbook is a bit special. We’ve had countless lookbooks showcasing our store’s top picks each month. These Lookbooks have featured numerous timepieces ranging from large 42mm case sizes to smaller ones at 36 or 39mm. While the smaller case diameter watches can be worn by ladies, too, we thought we should finally have a Lookbook that features our top five picks for the women in our lives. 

After showing my partner several of our timepieces in-store, we have narrowed the options down to these five. Before we get into the Lookbook, we must preface that this Lookbook is based on what we think women can rock on their wrists. It is not a definitive guide on what ladies should wear. Ready? Let’s get down to it. 

Seiko Exceline Gold Ref. SWDL160

The first watch on our list today comes from mighty Japanese watchmaker Seiko. Renowned for their Prospex and Presage range, the other lineups from the brand tend to sneak under the radar. However, the timepieces from the other collections are equally well-made and beautiful – this Exceline Gold is no exception. 

Specially crafted for ladies, the Exceline Gold SWDL160 oozes elegance from every millimetre of its 23.9mm diameter. It is an excellent dress watch for the money – with a high-accuracy quartz movement. On top of that, the watch features a sapphire crystal and Seiko’s proprietary anti-scratch coating, Diashield. The layer helps keep the wristwatch looking clean and sharp for years. 

However, the main attribute that genuinely takes the Seiko Exceline to another level is its incredible slenderness. At a mere 5.1mm, the wafer-thin profile of the watch perfectly expresses the virtue of a traditional dress watch that slides effortlessly under a cuff. The delicately sized crown is further decorated with a black onyx inlay, matching the supplied 12mm black caiman leather strap.

At such an affordable price point, the Seiko Exceline Gold is an absolute no-brainer for us to include in our list today and will be an excellent addition to any ladies’ wardrobe. 

Norqain Adventure Sport Ladies MOP Ref. N1800SP81A/M18D

As a young brand rapidly rising, you can choose to sleep on NORQAIN at your own risk. You might be familiar with the brand’s offerings of sports watches for gentlemen. However, are you aware that the family-owned brand also produces excellent watches for the ladies? 

This Adventure Sport Ladies is specially created for women. This watch is an absolute stunner at a modest 37mm diameter and affixed with a gorgeous mother-of-pearl dial. The winning formula is completed with iridescent diamond indices that bring a grandeur character and depth to the dial. 

The NORQAIN Adventure Sport Ladies MOP packs a serious punch with all the terrific elements for a luxury Swiss-made timepiece for ladies. The watch also has a hundred metres of water resistance, making it a true do-anything watch that will not look out of place at a board meeting or camping trip. Again, sleep on NORQAIN at your own risk. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Steinhart Ocean 39 Tropic Plexi – Gnomon Exclusive

Our first Steinhart in this Lookbook is a Gnomon exclusive model – the Ocean 39 Tropic Plexi. While this timepiece is often associated with being a men’s wristwatch, who’s to say that the ladies can’t rock it too?  

Fans of the brand would be aware that Steinhart (and us) reserve the charming and vintage-style plexiglass for limited edition models. Therefore, this Ocean 39 Tropic Plexi is a bit of an exception – which in our books, makes it all the more alluring. At 39mm in diameter, the watch’s size makes it wearable for both men and women. While there might be naysayers lamenting that women should wear smaller-sized watches, we humbly disagree. What anyone wears is entirely up to their preferences, and who’s to say a watch is big or small for someone? After all, we have seen ladies rock a 44mm Panerai on the wrist, which does not look out of place. Right, back to the Steinhart.

With its fauxtina handset and indices, the Ocean 39 Tropic Plexi will take you back to the late 1960s. Its matt-patinated chocolate dial is also a thing of beauty, complementing the “ghost” bezel to create an instant classic with a drip of nostalgia. 

The timepiece’s nostalgic nature will appeal to women of all ages and demographics. Albeit it is a vintage-style timepiece, the watch houses a modern and workhorse movement that will ensure reliability for years to come.

Seiko Presage Automatic Ladies Craftsmanship Enamel Cherry Blossom Pink Ref. SRRX001

Yes, Seiko features twice in our Lookbook for the ladies. When it comes to manufacturing fine timepieces that represent supreme value, the brand that stands out is none other than the highly acclaimed Japanese watch manufacturer. Seiko also has a greater variety of women’s wristwatches than its competitors.

The watch here is part of its Presage collection, featuring a finely crafted enamel dial reminiscent of the cherry blossoms. The 34.3mm case is fully polished and presents smooth lines with a gentle curve at the lugs for a pleasing and sophisticated design. The elegant profile of the watch perfectly expresses the virtue of a traditional dress watch that is svelte enough on a lady’s wrist with terrific wrist presence. 

The outstanding case design is still second to the main draw of the timepiece – the handcrafted enamel dial. The pink enamel dial gives the SRRX001 a lustrous and flawless look, bestowing a sense of depth and subtle texture with warmth and a soft sheen, a hallmark of the finest. Further, the Roman-numeral indices are done in coffee brown, painted directly onto the enamel dial’s surface repeatedly at least ten times to achieve incredible depth and contrast. 

Seiko has pulled no punches here, with every part of the wristwatch complementing one another, coming together to form a perfect companion for the discerning woman. If you think such a watch will command a high price tag, Seiko pleasantly surprises us again by offering this timepiece at a terrific price point, making this watch an easy pick for our Lookbook. It also instantly gained my partner’s approval with an “Umm, nice.”

Steinhart Ocean 39 Pink Gold Ceramic

This month’s Lookbook revolves around three brands, which is not a bad thing. We’re ending the Lookbook with our longstanding partner, Steinhart, and their Ocean One 39 Pink Gold Ceramic. 

With a 39mm case diameter, the case features a pink gold PVD coating throughout, giving it a luxurious look without burning a hole in your wallet. The sizing of the timepiece is also perfect for the ladies, exuding a quiet, confident charm as you strap it on your wrist. 

However, the unique part of the timepiece lies in its 3D ceramic bezel. Despite it looking like a form of rubber, the matte-finished bezel insert is made of ceramic and features protruding numbers and markers. The 3D ceramic bezel gives a more visually impactful aesthetic than the standard ceramic bezel inserts. 

Powered by a workhorse Selita movement and with dive watch capabilities, this Ocean 39 Pink Gold Ceramic will stand the test of time – ensuring that it looks good and will run well. 

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