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All Dial Watches for a Bigger Piece that Captures Everything

All Dial Watches for a Bigger Piece that Captures Everything

Mar 13, 2024

Several years ago, I do not exactly remember what year it was, but it was definitely a moment when I came to a watch store and found out that most watches were a few millimeters outside my comfort zone. I was not shocked somehow because it was actually the trend at that time -- the year of all dial watches. 

There was no doubt that watches with a bigger dial were the norm on the current watch market. The turn of the century took us, watch enthusiasts, into a bold new fashion sense, driving the desire for a larger timepiece.

This trend was marked by brands like Panerai, Audemars Piguet, and Hublot which expanded the market beyond the imaginative and subjective boundary of all dial watches. They created some kind of a shift in the watchmaking industry from smaller case watches to oversized ones. 

Although lots of watch brands now go back to smaller timepieces -- because the big ones are starting to dim while certain wristwatches stay faithful to large size. And I am grateful for that because I am one of the all dial watches lovers. 

For me, all dial watches size around… 

This is quite a subjective issue. I personally think all types of watches that measure more than 43mm are large. Once again, it is just a matter of perspective. Timepieces with a 38mm diameter case may be big enough for the small wrist group, but they are just regular size pieces for me.

I prefer all dial watches to others

In the last few decades, with the increase of watch sizes, the watch companies have also been increasing their design complexity. The style focus has shifted to the size of the watch so that people can clearly see the sophisticated design. However, that is not the main reason I bought large timepieces. It is simply because they look proper on my giant wristwatch. People with an 8inch wrist circumference or above probably would feel the same thing. 

Besides the grandiose appearance, all dial watches also have functional benefits. The improved readability of a bigger watch dial, for example, is advantageous to quickly look at the time. All dial watches also allow more information to be displayed at the same time. As time passes, adding complexities like a chronograph and a flight computer is not a big deal for these stylish timepieces.

If you are also interested in all dial watches, let’s look at these dashing collections of mine that will never fail to make a statement on my looks.

All dial watches in ceramic

Rado is a Swiss watch brand recognized for its creative design and the use of groundbreaking materials to make some of the most recognizable and durable timepieces in the world. The brand crafted the world's hardest watch in 2002 called Rado V10K, it also launched the first touch technology watch in 2013. 

Speaking about big watches, they are supposed to have greater legibility, aren’t they? Sure some of them are, but it is not what I am looking for in a Rado. It is the skeleton dial collection and ceramic material that attract me the most like the Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Blue.

Rado Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Blue Ref. R32128202

With a modern 43mm complete high-tech ceramic casing, it elevates the classic look of the original to a whole new level. The dial stays readable and creates a rather futuristic look that finds beauty in its intricacy. It shows you the complicated inner workings of automatic movement. Such an ideal choice if you want a wristwatch that attracts attention. Not to mention the water-resistance of 300 meters which completes the features of Captain Cook.

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A pilot watch and its big, clear face

But, it does not mean that I did not require a clearer view on the dial when I bought one of all dial watches, because I did and I do. The Oris Big Crown ProPilot GMT is what I can rely on for readability. Just take a look at the Arabic numerals.

Oris Big Crown ProPilot GMT - 45mm - Ref. 01 748 7710 4164-07 5 22 14FC

This pilot watch has a classy and dressy look. It is created for pilots and travelers who need time-zone-jumping. Thus it features a newly developed Oris GMT movement. With its 45mm diameter case, this helps me read the time very clearly coupled with the black dial and Arabic numerals. 

I love all the traits including 100-meter water resistance, sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, date window, lumed indices, and black textile strap. Believe me, everything is clearer with the Big Crown ProPilot GMT. This is one of the best men’s all dial watches of mine. 

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The bigger the better, the bigger the stronger

At first, I found the Seiko Prospex Profesional 1000M Emperor Tuna weird, especially in its design. But, the more I found it weird the more I could not stop thinking about this timepiece until I finally bought one. Turns out, this watch became one of the most favored pieces I have ever bought. It is very comfortable to wear and, one thing for sure, it is easy to read.

Seiko Prospex Profesional 1000M Emperor Tuna Ref. SBDX038

This timepiece is a Seiko Tuna series. The initial collection was made of a titanium/stainless steel shroud, a monocoque case, an L-shaped gasket, and a rubber strap. And here, the watch captures the dazzling beauty of two tones through the rose-gold accent, making this bad boy look charming even when I have to bring it to 1000m underwater. The case, however, measures 52.4mm for excellent legibility. Larger sizes aren't always heavy on the wrist. Seiko applies titanium material to give ultralight wearability, so I don’t have to worry about it.

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