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 Squale Super-Squale Marine Explorer – Bracelet – Gnomon Exclusive

A Month on the Wrist: Squale Super-Squale Marine Explorer – Bracelet – Gnomon Exclusive

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May 27, 2024

Dive watch masters Squale have been around the block since the fifties and are still flourishing. They must be doing something right and seem to have the right formula whilst constantly evolving over the years. With many successful and sought after releases, they have been a constant in the dive watch space. Fast forward to 2023, nothing much has changed and I am glad to report that the watch I have today completely embodies the essence of what Squale is all about. 

I have had the privilege of reviewing one of their pieces sometime back which was an exclusive collaboration piece with Gnomon watches. The design has seemed experimental at that time, however, to the trained eye, there are subtle traits of the classic Squale trademark embedded in the finer details. This time, a classic design and an icon from the sixties. Revitalised and back, the new Super Squale is a tribute to the longevity and fortitude of Squale. 

So far, Squale has produced watches which not only meets the needs of the harshest environments but marrying that with impeccable design. With that know how, you can rest assure it is made to meet whatever may come ones way, while providing the level of Swiss reliability we all have grown accustomed to with a dive watch. 

At first glance, the Super Squale is back and looks amazing. Specifically, the Super-Squale Marine Explorer – Bracelet – Gnomon Exclusive. Sixty years on, this piece still looks evergreen while keeping in line with the original design, yet, with some modern uplifts to revitalise and rejuvenate an old classic. The model I am sharing on today is the exclusive Explorer edition only from Gnomon Watches.

Dial and Case 

In a simplistic shade of blue on the dial and bezel, the Super Squale has a very calming feel about it and reminds the wearer of the revitalising colours of the ocean. It may look deceptively simple it is anything but. 

With a 38MM diameter it is at a comfortable size for most, the design of the turn down lugs help to keep the piece looking sleek and not feel too overwhelming and it comes in at 45MM lug to lug. That in my opinion hits the sweet spot and a great piece for any gender. 

On to the dial, the blue is pair with a perfect accompaniment in white and nothing else. With legibility being one of the main considerations when looking for a dive watch, Squale has delivered brilliantly with the use of just two-colour tones. With bold roman numerals and indexes in white, it stands out in stark contrast against the blue dial. This style of dial was given the name ‘Explorer’ it is both an ode to its original Super Squale and has a very nostalgic and vintage feel to it. 

Keeping in line with its classic iconic styles, Squale has opted for their well known hands style coupled with a nice amount of Super LumiNova on all the hands and the hour markers and roman numerals.  

At the six o’clock position the words ‘20 ATMOS SUPER SQUALE’ is painted in its signature style. With the Squale words fashioned to form the iconic shark ‘logo’ that always adds a touch of an old styled evergreen feel to their pieces. 

At the twelve o’clock position is the Squale name with that iconic and historic ‘Von B’ logo that speaks of the beginnings of the brand.

Apart from the regular touches and traditional design inspirations in terms of aesthetics, Squale has not deviated much from the original design of the maiden Super Squale and I am sure this has gotten fans of the brand pleased, especially the purists. 

Overall, the simplistic yet objectified dial design is somewhat of a mantra for Squale and it gives a very distinctive and familiar look that helps give an individualist image that for me sets Squale apart from many other vintage dive watches that sometimes have no thought or direction.

Moving on to some modern face lifts to this iconic piece, Squale has gone for a uni-directional steel bezel with a blue aluminium insert that matches pleasantly with the dial colour. The bezel comes with a scale that goes from zero to sixty, aligning with the minutes in an hour. This is done to ensure it has an accurate estimate of descending or ascending of the diver. Another update to the piece is that it is fitted with a double domed sapphire crystal which is a great choice. It not only offers the much needed clarity for time telling but is definitely much better choice for reducing scratches as opposed to the plexiglass that was used in the older model.  

The case has a very tonneau-esque style finish which adds to the retro feel of a skin diver from the sixties and is very intricated brushed. The lugs are very nicely turndown and are designed to allow the bracelet to fit like a glove seamlessly as if integrated together. This further evokes the feel of a vintage styled piece yet modern. The crown is screw down with knurling for additional grip and engraved with the ‘Von B’ logo. With this it has a two hundred meter water resistance. 

Movement, Caseback & Bracelet/Strap

With an ever-reliable automatic movement from Sellita, the SW-200-1 Elaboré, the Super Squale Explorer edition has a very robust and capable beating heart. This movement has both hand winding which is great nod to its past and the enthusiasts must have, the hacking movement. The Elaboré is the second higher grade of the standard which can be adjusted in three positions and has an accuracy of +/-7 second/day up to +/- 20 second/day. Compared to the standard it has an upgrade of about five seconds there abouts. The movement runs at four hertz and beats at 28,800 beats per hour. 

The Super Squale is fitted with the usual and standard case back that is engraved with the wave design and the classic ‘Squale Shark’ logo along with the words ‘Super’ boxed in above the logo. Apart from the there are the standard design ques like ‘Swiss Made’ and ’20 Atmos’.

With very great precision Squale has fitted a 18MM stainless steel jubilee bracelet that was styled from the era of the sixties or today known as beads of rice. It fits like a glove into the lugs so seamlessly that from some angles it looks like it was fused together in perfect harmony.  One of the things that I particularly pay attention is how bracelets fit into the lugs of a watch. Gaps or odd bits sticking out due to misalignment or differentiating angles cause some parts to sorely stick out is a real pet peeve for me. Call me a watch nerd, but, I take real pleasure in a perfectly fitted bracelet into the lugs of a case. It gives me a real sense of euphoria and Squale has done it remarkably well with this piece. I may have gone on a little too long, but you know what I mean.  

With that, this piece is not only great for a dive but will be equally in place for a day out and about or even along side the sleeve of a business shirt.

Final Thoughts 

It is keeping to traditions that sometimes ensnare loyal fans to keep coming back to a beloved brand.  

Squale has reintroduced a classic piece almost sixty years later with few tweaks to uplift and modernise the new Super Squale but has masterful kept it very closely aligned to the original. Not moving the needle too far may seem conservative but it is also what keeps Squale going and producing many successful reiterations of their classics that has been a nod with both fans of the brand and watch aficionados.

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