Squale Watches

Squale is a small familiar Italian company located in Milan that has been producing watch parts for watch companies since 1946.

In 1967 this small factory is associated with The Neuchâtel Von Büren SA. From 1967 to 1974 Squale dedicated themselves to the supply of cases and watch components together with C. Von Buren to numerus independent Swiss brands.

His trademark was Squale and allowed other companies to use the case and its reputation but with the obligation to show the Squale logo on the dial.

In the 70's Squale introduced the first 1000 meters diver watch with sapphire crystal and with a revolutionary bezel that will only move under elastic pressure, rotating in both directions.

Squale continued to produce for other brands and has begun providing watches in a non official way to special corps of many armies including the paratroopers of the Folgore Italian Sub The Carabinieri, and the division of the Italian Navy.

Squale for decades has become synonymous with quality and reference point of diving watches worldwide.

Super, Master, Medium, and 1000M cases, were sold to brands such as Altanus Genève, Arlon, Potens Prima, Prima Flic, Jean Perret Geneva, Ocean Diver / Blandford, Deman Watch, Margi, Berio, Eagle Star Genève, La Spirotechnique, Wertex, Carlson Tavernier Geneva and Sinn. 500m Cases with crown at 4 were sold to brands like Airin, Dodane, Blancpain, Tag Heuer, Doxa, Zeno and Auricoste. Just to to name a few. In particular TagHeuer, Doxa and Auricoste in their Spirotechnique versions and Balncpain in the Bund 3H.

These gave Squale the international prestige in the early 70s. Thanks to the commercial success. In 1974, Squale decided to market their own watches as an independent entity, with their own cases, and now alone with Squale name on the dial.

The relaunch of The Squale brand in February 2010 and its new production in Grenchen in the Swiss Jura valley portend an exciting future for the brand.


Squale Watches from 1960s to 1970s