Gnomon Watches provides in-house servicing, repair jobs and case refinishing and restoration for all mechanical watches we represent in our manufacturer certified facility enabling us to provide a high class after sales service.

In-house professional watch service center
Only manufacturer certified professional Swiss and German made tools used

When To Service Your Mechanical Watch

• When it feels tight to set or change the time and date
• For automatic watches, when you notice the watch's short power reserve. Eg. The watch stops within the next day after a full 8 hours of use
• If the watch starts to gain considerable time, it is an early indication watch is due for servicing
• The watch starts to lose considerable time, it is an indication the watch is in serious need of servicing
• If the watch stops or part of its function fails, watch is broken and needs repair
• When the watch has been worn regularly for 3-4 years


Complete service includes the following

• Disassembling the movement
• Cleaning all components
• Refurbishing or replacing mechanical parts*
• Reassembling the movement
• Lubricating
• Setting and regulating
• Checking power reserve and functions
• Waterproofing
*Parts replacement are chargeable.




Step 1. Unassemble and prepare the watch


Step 2. Evaluating the movement

  Step 3. Disassembling the movement
  Step 4. Cleaning all components
  Step 5. Reassembling and lubricating the movement
  Step 6. Setting and regulating the movement
  Step 7. Casing the movement
  Step 8. Waterproofing
Servicing Price Guideline  
Complete Service for mechanical handwind watches* from $150
Complete Service for mechanical automatic watches* from $150
Complete Service for mechanical automatic with complication watches* from $300
Complete Service for chronograph watches* from $350
Case polishing* from $50
Bracelet polishing* from $70
*Prices might vary from watch to watch depending on value of watch  
We also provide a 6 months warranty on all complete service performed.