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How To Utilize Our Website

How To Utilize Our Website

May 28, 2024

With the cancellation of significant watch shows and countries in lockdown mode have constrained us watch enthusiasts from leaving our main door, even more so with worries when needed to for instance to the supermarkets and pharmacies. This pandemic has taken everyone by surprise, especially how situations escalated so quickly in 2020. However, we want to remind everyone to stay safe at home as our top encouragement, and we will able to battle through this together.

Now that we have more time to be in the office (in Singapore) and you being behind your screen most of the time throughout this precarious times. We felt that we have to spend some time writing an article for our fellow community and new users to our website; on how to navigate and utilize our website better and more efficiently.

Our Website Layout

An essential part of our Gnomon Watches site is you guys, our community of both end-consumers or any watch enthusiasts. We wanted to share more watch-related information in concurrent to our products, for you guys in a manner where you guys can experience it on a bulletproof website. We will like you guys to find out more about what we offer and enjoy a particular connection with both our products and lifestyle.

On our website, has a direct-message approach in the layout. We will not explain everything but instead, touch on the main essentials where you can be informed effectively and enjoyably on each message during your web exploration.

Top Panel

Starting from the very top left corner, we allow customers to select the currency of your choice, USD or SGD. Followed by our latest announcement in the centre.

Top Banner

Our banner serves as our promotion and events. One would immediately be updated of our on-going promotion immediately and events.

Slider and box displays

The main sliding display will display all of our latest releases and popular watches of the week, allowing one to skip through navigation by selecting one of the display. To bottom of it, we have highlights curated by our team to share with our community, along with all the current available Steinhart models in stock.

New Arrivals and Back In Stock

Moving down, we have the up-to-date latest releases and additions, along with those that you are looking for that has been out of stock for a while, and now they are back. These two sections will allow you guys to stay updated on the latest.

Articles section

This is a new section integrated into our website where we write and share with you guys different agendas with all-things watches. From in-depth watch reviews to our monthly lookbooks on how to rock our timepieces, we want to share as much as we can not just on our offerings, but also who we are and what we do daily.

Utilizing our Search Engine

We understand we have a lot of products and sometimes things might be overlooked, so we recommend utilizing our search button at the top right corner. Use it to search for something you have in mind like how you would with Google search platform. It’s responsive to your specific searches along with those relevant, which might open up more subliminal choices for you.

Comparison Function

We understand that it’s a chore to open up different tabs on your screen to compare items’ specifications and pricing, therefore when we introduced this new website, we implemented a comparison function so that you can compare the watches at a glance.

All you have to do is tick the “Compare this watch” below each product and then click on the compare function on the bottom left of the screen.


We have incorporated for the first time a rewards program where our members can accumulate points to exchange for an attractive discount off your next purchase.

There are several ways for a member to accumulate points, seen through the “REWARDS” tab on the bottom right of your screen, from sharing to your friends or join our Instagram (Gnomonwatches) to your purchases. Everything you do gives you points to redeem on your next purchase. Oh, don’t forget to leave your reviews also as it gives you 150 points!

Join us on the mailing list

When you are first to our site or hover into by any accident, we strongly encourage you to sign up for our mailing list. The reason behind this is that we have exclusive promotions and the latest updates on our watches almost every other day. This is also our way to stay in touch with you guys by sharing our passion for watches.

Finally, a recapitulating reminder for everyone to stay safe in these tough times, while letting us continue to provide a friendly and enjoyable experience for you guys on our e-retail website, fending our watch passion flame constantly and shopping during this confinement period.

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