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December Lookbook 2023: Celebrating Christmas Early, The Gnomon Way

December Lookbook 2023: Celebrating Christmas Early, The Gnomon Way

May 22, 2024

Each month, we present a selection of our favourite watches from Gnomon’s collection, capturing the images and stories of our beloved in-house team members. Our lookbook gives you a clearer view of what makes these watches and our company so special. This month marks the end of 2023, and we will bring five watches highlighting the year’s journey at Gnomon. 

Curated by our team, we closely examine what makes these laudatory watches. This month, we included a beautiful Evant ready for vacation, a Squale built unlike others, and a Hitori for travellers who love some nice finishings.

While we’ve been busy sharing exceptional timepieces throughout the year, it’s about time we summarised all with these five watches. Please dig into our picks below, and be sure to be amazed by our choices.

Evant Tropic Diver 39 Pro – Rubber

Six years back, this young and enthusiast-driven brand, Evant, first debuted with its release of the Tropic Diver collection. It undeniably ignited a sense of passionate excitement, which brought a massive shake-up with its success, especially amongst the avid watch lovers coveting something fresh, well crafted and affordable. The brand has returned the series with great colours and upgrades this year. And oh, now it comes in a greater unisex size.

Evant Tropic Diver 39 Pro – Rubber

This latest release of the Tropic Diver Pro comes in a beautiful 39.5mm form factor, further accentuating the lineup’s retro-futuristic artistry in its design. The watch evokes a charming nostalgia evocative of classic dive watches from the 70s. The Tropic Diver comes on a 20mm Evant’s Tropic OG rubber strap to finish the package. Made In Italy, the strap is made out of natural rubber material for durability, with a soft, pliable feel. It is hypo-allergenic, suitable for humid weather and underwater.

Evant Tropic Diver 39 Pro – Rubber

Best of all, it comes with quick-release spring-bars. The combination of a perforated design with a texture inspired by the 1960s gives this watch strap a casual and functional look. 

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Squale LAB Edizione 1 – Ltd Ed 200pcs

In 2021, Gnomon Watches sat down with the Squale’s owner, the Maggi family, to execute an exciting and whole new sub-lineup on how we could push its icon further with a contemporary twist. Indeed, we successfully did so by introducing the all-new Squale LAB Edizione 1 Limited Edition. This model might be the most exaggerated skin-diver yet for the heritage brand.

Now, one of the main highlights would be the bold rotating bezel. We have always wanted to have raised bezel markers for Squale’s Skin-diver, and there’s no better time to introduce it than with this particular beauty. Inspired by those ship’s porthole, the one-piece steel bezel is fitted with 12 rivets, raised oh-so-slightly to create a steampunk appeal. 

The dial only boasts a few particular elements: a glow in the dar mid-ring that goes around the matte black face, only to be broken by the date display at the bottom six o’clock and balance its symmetry instils the italic “Squale” moniker on top. It achieved a sense of zen, with a futuristic style seeping through a more than 50-year-old canvas, bringing a new level of attention. 

Closer look: At Squale LAB Edizione 1 Limited Edition

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Hitori Yoshino Night Star (夜の星) Indigo GMT – Ltd Ed 100pcs

In October, we introduced the Hitori Yoshino GMT version into the world. What’s unique about this piece is the night sky dial grants a nature-inspired theme that reminds one of sitting in Yoshino at nightfall and just stargazing away. The coloured dial has a gradient effect that bestows a 50% indigo blue, balancing with another 50% of violet’s bluish purple. The combination of both, plus a glossy finish, allows the watch dial to be versatile yet mesmerising at the same time. It encapsulates a beautiful night sky and iridescent “stars” filling up the top section.

The markers and handsets are complemented by the high gloss metal trims on the date display at three ‘o’clock, with a 24-hour chapter ring surrounding the edge. What makes the dial special is the metallic “balls” pattern, reminiscing of those stars shining through the night brightly from afar while seemingly cascading down from the top. This strategic yet glitzy detail is a testament to Hitori’s prowess, careful consideration, and immense effort in its design. Each hand is perfect in length, reading off individual markers on the dial and minute rehaut dutifully without feeling stubby.

The sunburst dial is balanced off with the gilt “Hitori” logo at the top and “Yoshino // Automatic, GMT” text down at the bottom. Taking all things as a whole, Yoshino’s design is focused on the concept of reflection and interaction with light in perfect harmony, adhering to the “Grammar of Design” theme.

Hitori Yoshino Night Star 夜の星 Indigo GMT

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Steinhart Ocean 39 SR Plexi – Ltd Ed 300pcs

How can we exclude our yearly Steinhart collaboration here? Early this year, we launched the new Steinhart Ocean 39 SR Plexi. It is still seen as a period-correct dive watch that seeks to be different from the immense sea of conventional dive watches at the time. And in a vintage manner, a smaller case size? Checked. A unique look? Checked. New materials? Checked.

What we like about this case is there are additional details to it. There are additional polished bevelings at each lug of the case, and it does not come with crown guards, allowing Steinhart to bring back the “big crown” look for us. This particular style could only be found on the premium Ocean 39 models. Oh, and the domed hesalite crystal can be seen as a Gnomon’s touch, as this material can only be found on our special models like this particular limited edition. 

There’s another first attribute to be highlighted here. What’s so unique and distinctive about the bezel is that, for the second time, we requested Steinhart to use a sapphire bezel insert in a vintage bakelite form used in the pre-sixties. The bezel features an aged shade of grey, just like the colour of a nicely patinated black bezel, which vintage collectors coined “ghost”. 

Steinhart Ocean 39 SR Plexi Gnomon Limited Edition

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Gruppo Ardito Lince Crimson Red – Gnomon Exclusive

Lastly, we got to close it off with the Lince Crimson Red. This year, we are incredibly excited to bring to you guys our first model from the brand, and it’s a unique collaboration piece within its new Lince collection, which came to fruition after two years of planning and testing.

This particular Lince diver is the new access model to the GAW world, a sports watch that proudly caters to a universal appeal suitable for all occasions. Its collection features grade 5 titanium material throughout its watch case to give the watch absolute lightness and strength. Other than the glass made from a modern sapphire, the finishes throughout the watch are handmade and denote superior construction care. All while maintaining the high constructive care typical of GAW watches.

The dial is in crimson burgundy red with a degradé effect, and its finishings are all handmade and denote superior construction care. We both implemented an old-school Arabic font for its hour numerals accordingly at the cardinal points, only to be flanged by large squarish hour markers and minute track. Along with the broadsword hands, the markers and handset are finished with vintage C3 SuperLuminova that assisted in the retro charm while providing visibility during dark conditions. We wanted the first GAW emblem on the dial because it’s a limited edition of 100 pieces exclusively from us. We went for it by placing it right at the bottom, substituting the “Lince” collection text found on the usual ones.

Gruppo Ardito Lince Crimson Red

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