Yema Watches

Yema is a name that was born in 1948, created by Henry Louis Belmont, who was a graduate from the National Watchmaking School of Besancon in 1931. The name stayed till today and lingered very well especially within the dive-watch community, a name that is synonymous with fine French horology.

Yema's workshops are based in the small town of Morteau in France, surrounded by extensive pine forests in a secluded valley in the Jura mountains. Yema is run by a third generation watchmakers‘ family of Morteau with a small scale team averaging +30 years of service. Design, prototyping and assembling is manually and precisely taken care of at our Morteau workshops by highly experienced French traditional watchmakers.

Mr. Belmont himself created Yema who specialized in the manufacturing well-built watches at an honest price (Gnomon’s philosophy), which led the brand to take off during the 1960s era. Some of them do ring a bell for vintage watch collectors, for an instant, the 1960s Flygraf pilot chronograph (air), Rallygraf racing chronograph (land) and Yachtingraf regatta chronograph (sea).

Further, we must go back to 1963 to discover their very first dive watch- the Yema Superman. A watch first developed for diving professionals thanks to its 300 meters waterproofing and safety brake stop (or bezel-lock) made it distinctive and unique. Considered indestructible, the Superman was at the time chosen by the French Air Force to equip its pilots.