U-Boat Watches

In 1942, the Italian Government commissioned Ilvo Fontana to design a watch to be used by the pilots of the Navy. Ilvo then concentrated on a watch that was big enough to be read instantly in any weather and light conditions. Development of watches was conducted in the laboratory of "Officine Fontana". The military model of Ilvo Fontana has different functionality and powerful design; a large case, highly readable dial with Arabic numerals and specific details like the crown is located on the left side, which essentially allowed to win in the functionality and security area. However, because of the war the Italian watch were not released to mass production. The design continued, but the order for the initial production did not come about, meaning that the design remained on paper alone for over 50 years.

Italo Fontana, grandson of Ilvo Fontana, born in Lucca, Italy, in 1965.

His interest in design and creativity developed at a young age. His ideas intertwined with fashion, furnishings, valuable objects; elements which were born out of the inspiration of his creative talent.He created a modern collection of U-Boat, which combines the specific design of military time and a new vision. Watches have a special Italian tightness and excellent readability even in absolute darkness. Watch models are equipped with Swiss ETA movements. The main collection of U-Boat - Classico, Flightdeck and U series which, in turn, are subdivided into mini-limited edition collection. Conceptually, the watch have a common design "parameters" and different materials for the case (titanium coated steel sputtering PVD, yellow and rose gold in various combinations).

Italo's interest in watches takes inspiration, and leads to fulfillment, from an experience of Italo's grandfather, Ilvo Fontana.

In 2000 Italo Fontana decided to develop the idea of the U-Boat watch, constantly tweaking it to become the brand we know today, with a nod to the past and one towards future trends.

The color palette of Italian watchbands U-Boat is very relevant: the combination of black with bold gold and black with a red,  cold gray. In 2010, at Baselworld 2010 presented a model of U-Boat 1001 Diver. Diameter of watch is 55 mm, which makes them one of the biggest in the world. The case is made of titanium, sapphire crystal 5.5 mm thick rubber strap, the traditional "left-handed" protected crown, power reserve of 40 hours, water resistance is up to 1001bar, which in fact gave the name of the model.

To name a few of the admirers of the company U-Boat are Tom Cruise, David Beckham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, athletes, politicians and show businessmen.