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Steinhart Watches

Guenter Steinhart studied architecture and engineering in Munich, Germany. Steinhart collection ranges from classic military to modern sports watches, at a price-performancee ratio that is second to non in the world of mechanical timepieces.

Steinhart is interested in making watches that looks good and shows the quality. These watches are not of the bling variety, they are of a stock that only the finest of Swiss watches come from.

Steinhart Watches are high quality watches made in the Jura region of Switzerland.


Featured Model


Watch Ordered Extra NATO Extra Leather Strap
Apollon Free  
Aviation Free  
Marine Free  
Nav B Free  
Ocean Free  
Triton Free  


Watch Warranty

Gnomon Watches is an Authorised Dealer for Steinhart watches. All watches come with 2 years Steinhart warranty.

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