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Tradition in Pilot and Navy watches

The company LACO (Lacher & Co.) was founded in 1925 by Frieda Lacher and Ludwig Hummel in Pforzheim. Main business was encasing Swiss movements into watch cases of own production. After Mr. Hummel has left the company, Erich Lacher took over in 1936.

The "Erich Lacher watch company" was manufacturing the legendary Pilot watches of the 1940's under their brand "LACO". Both models were DIN certified and famous due to their precision and reliability. Original Pilot watches have been manufactured using two different dial designs (Baumuster A und Baumuster B).

Both dials were covered with luminous markers and equipped with radioactive (RADIUM) filled hands. The dial of the Observer watches for the Navy was totally covered with radioactive luminous colour. These watches have been pocket watches.

Our history is our future.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of LACO company in 2000, we relaunched the original Pilot watch from the 1940s. The limited 75 pieces with original DUROWE D5 movement have been sold out immediately.

In 2005 we celebrated the 80th anniversary with 500 pieces of limited REPLICA watches. These watches were equipped with Swiss ETA automatic movements and display case back.

In 2009 we presented a limited series of 20 Navy pocket watches with completely luminous dials. Even the movements used are original movements from the 1940's (DUROWE D5).

All these special watches derived from LACO history and are providing the basis for our Pilot and Navy watches collection. Like the originals: Made in Germany.

Perfection in Details

The name LACO stands for consequently following a route, whose goal is the realization of the original pilot watch. For the purpose of reaching this goal, LACO places emphasis on the compliance with the acknowledged utmost quality requirements.

Among others, LACO has succeeded in giving the watchcase a colour finish that makes the case practically undistinguishable from the original. Additionally, there are hands thermally annealed in blue, as well as the extremely soft calfs leather strap, which provides maximum wearing comfort. All these features make the LACO pilot watch the ORIGINAL LACO pilot watch.

An Absolute Look-Alike

Also for the watches of the type „B“, a finish is available that is absolutely true to the original. The watches are equipped with hands thermally annealed in blue as well as with soft calf leather straps.
Leaving no wish for technical equipment unfulfilled, LACO pilot watches are, of course, available with different movements. Absolutely deliberately, this ORIGINAL LACO pilot watch comes without logo, thus coming closer and closer to the original from the Forties also in this respect. As it is, less sometimes is just more.

Competence and History

With this pilot watch collection, LACO offers you more than just a watch. This precise timekeeper combines competence and history.
Starting about 1940, type B was the modified version of the LACO pilot watches. In the Forties of the last century, this watch was an important navigation instrument for pilots, for whom precision was essential. A watch with such history will inevitably take all those who wear it to a world of fascination.

With much affection, LACO manufactures pilot watches with many integrated details, which also made the original a distinctive product. LACO thus gives proof that dreams even may come true. Every watch enthusiast will be taken to the world of flying. Just come a little closer to this dream by wearing a type B watch.

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