Herodia Watches

Men’s affiliation with mechanical machines, whether is megalithic like motor vehicles or intricate as a wristwatch strapped one’s wrist, there is certain endearment involved. Since the 19th century, particularly in watchmaking, has captured the desire of humans performing feats that others would consider impossible. This happened to Montres Herodia, a watch brand that was born in 1948 in a watchmaking town along the Jura valley, known as Reconvilier (a city that still exists) by Henri Bargenter, who was a mechanical watchmaker.

Two years later in 1950, Herodia moved to 11, Des Eaux-Vives Square, located in Genève. Since then, the brand name registered in the USA on January 14th, 1950, where Henri Bargenter along with the help of Mr. Clement Armand, has increased its distribution all over Europe. Not putting a halt in their distribution, in 1954 Herodia went further to the far Eastern
border and started to sell its watches in Asia region.

The classical style of Herodia reflects the trends of the 1950/60s period, appealing to both men and women by offering watches characterized by solid manufacture; where all products are being strictly “Swiss Made.” The care and thoughts that went into designing and production had helped the brand to become a significant landmark in those years.

Originally, Herodia produced exclusively svelte watches that are usually below 36mm, which includes from a traditional three-handers to full calendar complications but had expanded its line to include larger sports models. In particular, it focused on chronographs, with a special interest in the use of sophisticated movements such as the Lemania (the 1960s – 1970s), and the Valijoux. However, what sets them apart from the other competitors during those days where their diversity in unique and flamboyant case styles.

The brand excelled further by having collaborations with organizations that allowed Herodia to manifest their reputation significantly all over the world.

Herodia is a brand that was silent during the 80s and 90s, only vintage watch nuts have heard of their heydays and timepieces. However things are different now as Herodia is back in the second phase of its life where they will manufacture impeccable watches, from design to production all to be made in Switzerland. In continuation having collaboration with expert watchmakers in the field, with an absolutely innovative and quality distribution network.