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Hanhart Watches

The name Hanhart, more than any other, is synonymous with precision timekeeping. Since 1882, the premium watch company have been creating masterpieces of watchmaking that combine precision engineering with unique design. With its passion for technical inventiveness, Hanhart has established an international reputation. Ever since, the company’s timepieces have been geared towards the following principles: maximum precision and reliability, perfect readability, simple and secure operation, and the greatest possible robustness. Development, design and production as well as distribution are located in Gütenbach in the black forest in Germany.


The sun glows red in the evening sky over the little town of Diessenhofen, located on the River Rhine in northeast Switzerland, as the watchmaker Johann A. Hanhart sits down, takes out a pen and paper and drafts an announcement. He “respectfully informs the worthy residents of Diessenhofen and surroundings” that he has purchased a business and its premises at the town’s Hauptstrasse with the intention of opening a watch shop.



1882 - The Swiss watchmaker Johann A. Hanhart opened a watch shop in Diessenhofen, in north-eastern Switzerland

1902 - He relocated his business to Schwenningen, southern Germany

1924 - Hanhart launched its first stopwatch, and a short time later, the product range was extended to include pocket watches and wristwatches

1932 - Following the death of his father, Wilhelm Julius Hanhart concentrated on manufacturing raw movements

1938 - The first single-button chronograph with the "Calibre 40" entered series production

1939 - Pilot’s chronographs

Present - Hanhart produces its instrument watches and stopwatches in its workshops in Gütenbach, southern Germany. The registered offices of the brand are in Diessenhofen, Switzerland.

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Gnomon Watches is an Authorised Dealer for Hanhart watches. All watches come with 2 years Hanhart warranty.

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