Evant Watches

Who Is Evant?

In December 2015, a group of passionate watch collectors, miraculously came together by chance. And over whisky, decided that we wanted to give the big watch companies a shake up. Coming from different backgrounds, watchmakers, engineers and architects, decided that we will design, manufacture and fund this project independently.

We are set to make a name for ourselves

The fundamentals of Evant are built on these principles:

  • Aesthetics; A watch has to look good (Something you would want to strap on daily)
  • Built; A watch has to be well made (Details and finishing that all watch lovers will adore)
  • Reliability; A watch has to be reliable (We will only use Swiss mechanical movements)
  • Affordability; A watch has to be affordable (We believe a watch shouldn't cost more then a smartphone)

Exclusively At Gnomon Watches
Due to the successful launch of Evant's first models, we have come again to work together to introduce the Tropic Diver Fume Blue. Gnomon Watches will once again be the exclusive launch partner simply because there is perfect synergy between the two companies.