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Engineer II Volcano Ref. NM3060C-PCJ-GY

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True to its pioneering reputation, BALL Watch Companypresents the Engineer II Volcano, a new model composed ofmaterials never before used in the world of watchmaking. For many years BALL Watch has focused its research and development strategy on improving the reliability of its watch movements. The accuracy of a mechanical watch is easilyaffected by the magnetic fieldsto which we are exposed almostconstantly in everyday life. The briefest of contacts with anartificial magnet may be enough to magnetize an automatic movement and cause the complete stoppage of the mechanism. According to accepted standards in watchmaking, an automaticwatch is deemed "anti-magnetic" when its operation can resist amagnetic field of at least 4,800 A/m without its accuracy being subsequently affected by more than 30 seconds per day.

Ball Volcano with Patented Mumetal & Carbide composite case

Volcanoes are a perfect environment for research andexploration, particularly admired by modern-day adventurers.These natural wonders are a source of inspiration for thetechnicians responsible for research and development at BALL Watch Company. The links between volcanoes andmagnetic fields inevitably led our researchers to createenhanced anti-magnetic protection for our timepieces.

After perfecting a retractable anti-magnetic diaphragm made of mumetal, BALL Watch devoted its efforts to developing thisprotection further by incorporating this material in thecomponents of the watch case. The case-band of the Engineer II Volcano is made up of superimposed layers of carbon andmumetal, a patented composite material used for the first time in watchmaking. The case, cast in Switzerland, displays atextured carbon appearance reminiscent of lava from a volcano that has cooled to form volcanic rock.

Patented Mumetal & Carbide composite is scratch and impact resistant and anti-magnetic

Carbon is a material with excellent resistance to scratching and impacts  and  only  weighs  about  50%  as  much  as  the  steel customarily  used  for  watch  cases,  a  significant  gain  in  itself  interms  of  lightness  on  the  wrist.  Due  to  these  properties,  it  is  ahighly    prized    construction    material,    particularly    in    the aeronautical  and  automobile  industries.  Mumetal  is  an  alloy  ofnickel,  iron,  copper  and  molybdenum  with  very  high  magnetic permeability,  which  enables  it  to  attract  and  deflect  static  orlow-frequency   magnetic   field   lines,   against   which   other methods of attenuation are relatively ineffective. That gives this alloy  anti-magnetic  properties  far  superior  to  those  of  the  softiron  usually  employed  in  watchmaking.  It  is  used  to  makemagnetic  shielding  for  industry, research  and  high  technology. Thus  the  revolutionary  structure  of  the  mumetal  case  of  the Engineer II Volcano allows an extremely high protection againstmagnetic fields.

15 micro gas tubes on hour, minute, second hands and dial for night reading capability

This  model is designed  in  an  elegant  combination  of  colorsinspired  by  volcanic  rocks.  The  black  carbon  case,  45  mm  indiameter  and  12.4  mm  thick,  gives  the  watch  an  especiallysporty and contemporary look. The dial is predominantly slate-gray, with subtle touches of redlike the lava of a volcano. The indexes  and  the  hour  and  minute  hands  are  furnished  with  15 tubes  of  luminous  H₃gas,  used  on  all  BALL  Watch  models.This  cutting-edge  Swiss  technology  is  a  hundred  times  morepowerful  than  other  luminescence  techniques  commonly  used in watchmaking.The   Engineer   II   Volcano   has   a   Swiss   BALL   RR1102-Cautomatic  movement,  certified  by  the  COSC  (Official  Swiss Chronometer  Testing  Institute), and  displays  hours,  minutes, seconds, day and date. This watch can withstand impacts of upto  5,000  Gs  and  is  water-resistant  to  100  meters.  An  anti-reflective  sapphire  crystal  and  a  screw-down  crown  constitute the other notable features of thiswatch. The fashionable look ofthe  watch  can  be  completed  with  a  NATO  strap  in  gray  andblack stripes. Today,  more  than  ever,  BALL  Watch  is  continuing  its  journeyand  asserting  its  role  as  a  key  protagonist  in  the  exploration of modern time and the evolution of watchmaking history.

Maker: Ball Watch Company

Movement: Automatic caliber BALL RR1102-C. Chronometer certified COSC

Dial: Sunburst Black. Applied polished index.

Luminous: 15 micro gas tubes on hour, minute, second hands and dial for night reading capability

Date: Day/Date at 3 O'clock

Case: Patented Mumetal & Carbide composite

Crown: Screwdown Ball signed crown

Lug: 22mm

Crystal: Domed sapphire crystal, anti-reflection coating

Strap: Rubber strap with standard buckle and canvas strap with standard buckle. Ball signed.

Water resistance: 100m

Dimensions: 45mm in diameter, 51mm lug to lug, 12.4mm thick

Power Reserve: ~40 hours

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  • Engineer II Volcano Ref. NM3060C-PCJ-GY
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