Seiko Watches

Founded in 1881 by Kintaro Hattori, Seiko has established itself to be household name in watches. Ironically, it played a crucial role during the quartz crisis causing the downfall of the Swiss mechanical watch industry. It is truly a love and hate relationship but we all have a weak spot for Seiko who brought to us the iconic 6105 in the 70’s as well as the SKX007 in the 90’s. Since then Seiko has developed a whole line of  dive watches from the affordable “Seiko 5s” to the professional “Prospex” series.  

The pinnacle of Seiko’s dive watches are only available in the domestic market catagorized as “Japan Domestic Market” or JDM in short which are Made In Japan. The catagory features a handful of carefully assembled models with the best of what Seiko can offer. We had countless inquires on how to acquire them outside of Japan and we hear you that's why we have carefully selected these JDM models and bringing them to you all over the world.

These JDM models would complement any Swiss watch collection with its high quality finishing and robust movements.