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From the very beginning, as far back as 1883, Alpina has been associated with horological innovation. Whether it was our innovative way of creating an excellent working environment, or through the introduction of new quality control criteria before anyone else, Alpina has always sought ways to improve how things are done.

The story of Alpina was originally brought to life when Swiss watch making visionary Gottlieb Hauser founded the "Alpina Swiss Watchmakers Corporation," and in doing so united the leading Swiss independent watchmakers, who became known as the "Alpinists."

Initially, the Corporation was developed to optimize the manufacturing of movements and timepieces by forming a federating of cooperating manufacturers and suppliers, but Alpina soon started developing and producing in-house calibres and chronometers. In 1901, the trademark "Alpina" was registered and appeared for the first time on high-end calibres and watches produced by Gottlieb Hauser.

In the 1920s, Alpina was already being sold in over 2,000 outlets worldwide, an exceptional figure for those days. It is no exaggeration to say that Alpina was one of the first leading manufacturers of Swiss watches.

Today, the ideals and innovation upon which Alpina was founded are still alive in our Geneva manufacture, where we make professional sport watches to the most exacting horological standards.



Plan-les-Ouates is also where our unique Manufacture watches are conceived, engineered, designed and built, totally in-house. Before any watch can truly be called an Alpina sports watch, however, it is put through a rigorous series of tests to measure their precision, aesthetic appearance and conformity with Alpina’s standards. Our stringent tests and trials take place throughout every stage of the watch’s production. Before being dispatched to our customers, each watch is subjected to tests that mirror real life and extreme sports conditions.



Our mission is now and has always been to manufacture extremely reliable professional sports watches, respecting and implementing the "Alpinist Principle" in manufacturing, design and technological innovation. Our work is deeply inspired by the legacy of our visionary founder, Gottlieb Hauser.
We are committed to producing extremely robust sport watches that perform to the highest precision and with the greatest reliability in the most demanding situations. Alpina manufactures watches specifically engineered and built to withstand extreme natural environments, especially at high altitudes and great depths. Their functions, materials and usability are purposely designed to ensure that you accomplish your climbing, flying, diving or sailing missions.



Innovation, when combined with purpose, becomes progress. At Alpina, our innovations are exclusively devoted to serve the functional and design needs of those individuals challenging the hardest places on earth. Such as the Alpine summits.

Our customers benefit from continuous technical advances that match the ever-increasing demands of modern sport challenges. Our manufacture is both workshop and hi-tech lab, and Alpina continually invests in state-of-the-art machinery and processes. Our watch makers use the most modern, high-precision tools available in the world today, and every watch undergoes strict quality control tests and inspection before leaving our factory.


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