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ZULUZ Straps are made from cross weaved nylon with solid polished 316L stainless steel buckle and strap keepers. All joints on the strap are first laser sealed followed by sewn to give the strap maximum integrity.

Slightly thicker than NATO straps means ZULUZ Straps fit the thickest and biggest of all watches. The ZULUZ straps are straight through with no extra flap underneath. Due to the material used, ZULUZ straps are more resistant to water and dries faster.

There are cheaper inferior ZULUZ straps out there. But nothing comes close to what we offer. We sell superior ZULUZ straps which are stronger, more durable and softer. Why settle for lesser?

NATO / ZULUZ Straps Ordered Shipping Spring Bar Tool Discount
1 Strap $5 (Airmail)    
2 - 3 Straps Free    
4 - 5 Straps Free Free  
6 or more Straps Free Free 10%



Zulu Straps For Active People

Zulu straps constantly gain popularity among people that love experience and the outdoor life. These military styled watch straps are definitely to be considered for the nature lover but it is worth mentioning that they are also great for people that love fashionable watches. There are various different Zulu straps that are available in the Gnomonwatches store and you can rest assure that every single one offers a lot more quality than you would imagine based on the price that is highlighted.

Zulu Watch Straps Discounts

We give you access to some pretty interesting discounts, just as you surely already realized from the table above. Take a look at all the Zulu watch straps in our store to first see what you want. It is a guarantee that you will end up wanting more than you initially think due to the great prices and tremendous designs highlighted. Try to take advantage of our top discount, 10% off the entire order and free shipping when you buy 6 Zulu straps or more. Every single one will be equipped separately in the original box, unopened, just for you to enjoy.

The Gnomonwatches Guarantee

Our experience is huge when referring to both watches and watch straps. Ever since we opened the doors to our Singapore brick and mortar store, we constantly started to service more clients, many from international countries. We thrive on offering the best possible products for our customers.

If you want to put your hands on the best Zulu watch straps that money can buy, you are definitely in the right place. You should also take a look at our NATO watch straps since they are similar and also really popular. As you can see, we do try to offer all that you may need.

Every Single Zulu Strap Order Guarantees:

Fair Prices - We do not overcharge our clients. In fact, we try to offer the best possible price and we do have direct contact with manufacturers in order to achieve just that. We are not offering Zulu straps that come from other resellers. We are a reseller.

Fast Shipping - The order will reach your desired destination in the shortest time possible, no matter how many Zulu watch straps you want to buy. If you buy just one, shipping costs do apply but they are pretty small.

Free Shipping - As already mentioned in the table above.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed - We work closely with our customers and managed to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction. That will never change.

An Experienced Staff Takes Care Of Your Order - Do not worry about how the straps are handled. After all, we also sell expensive watches so you should not worry about shipping conditions.

What Are You Waiting For?

Since you are here, you surely know something about the Zulu strap and you do understand the high quality that is offered. You can learn everything about Gnomonwatches HERE and if you want to ask anything else, just Contact Us. We are more than happy to hear from you and take care of your order.

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