ZULUZ Extreme

ZULUZ Extreme Straps are made from cross weaved nylon with solid polished 316L stainless steel buckle and strap keepers. All joints on the strap are first laser sealed followed by sewn to give the strap maximum integrity.

ZULUZ Extreme Straps are made like the traditional ZULUZ straps with with an added security flap like the NATO Strap for those who prefer a more secure fit.

Slightly thicker than NATO straps and with heavy duty ZULUZ buckle and hardware means the ZULUZ Extreme Straps fit watches for extreme sports and lifestyle. Due to the material used, ZULUZ straps are more resistant to water and dries faster.

There are cheaper inferior ZULUZ straps out there. But nothing comes close to what we offer. We sell superior ZULUZ straps which are stronger, more durable and softer.Why settle for lesser?

NATO / ZULUZ Straps Ordered Shipping Spring Bar Tool Discount
1 Strap $5 (Airmail)    
2 - 3 Straps Free    
4 - 5 Straps Free Free  
6 or more Straps Free Free 10%