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NATO Strap

All NATO, ZULUZ and US Military straps are manufactured under stringent quality control, using the best of of nylon and 316L stainless steel hardware. Gnomon Watches has the widest range of colors and sizes. Gnomon Watches has over 100,000s satisfied customers and dealers worldwide. There are cheaper NATO straps out there. But nothing comes close to what we offer. We sell superior NATO straps which are stronger, more durable and softer. Why settle for lesser?

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NATO Straps are made from straight weaved nylon with solid polished 316L stainless steel buckle and strap keepers. Quality made with laser welded joints. All edges and holes are laser sealed as well for a no frill no rough edges finish. All NATO straps come with an extra flap that rest behind the watch. NO flimsy material! NO plated hardwares! NO unsightly stitchings! All NATO Straps from Gnomon Watches are the best you can find out there.

NATO STRAP SPECIFICATIONS: 18mm, 20mm, 22mm: Measuring 11 Inches long. Suitable for wrist from approximately 160mm (6inch) to 235mm (9inch) in 13 steps. 24mm: Measuring 12 Inches long. Suitable for wrist from approximately 170mm (6.7inch) to 260mm (10.3inch) in 13 steps. Thickness: Regular NATO: Approximately 1.25mm
Heavy Duty NATO: Approximately 1.75mm


NATO / ZULU Straps Ordered Shipping Spring Bar Tool Discount
1 Strap $5 (Airmail)    
2 - 3 Straps Free    
4 - 5 Straps Free Free  
6 or more Straps Free Free 10%



Why Choose NATO Straps?

Affordable And Durable

NATO straps are renowned around the world as being highly customizable and affordable. The quality of every single strap is guaranteed since only the best materials are chosen during the manufacturing process. You can rest assure that NATO watch straps will withstand the test of time without burning a hole in your pocket. As you can easily notice from the price tags above, you do not have to spend a fortune on a quality NATO strap.

Style Diversity

Gnomonwatches always try to offer a huge diversity for people from all around the world in terms of what is offered, while not sacrificing quality. The NATO straps perfectly fit that agenda. All that you have to do is browse through the list of available NATO watch straps on Gnomonwatches. You will quickly see that there are various models that are perfect for whatever you need them for. If you have a watch of any kind, it is a guarantee that a NATO strap would fit perfectly.


Fashion is all about trends and we completely understand this. The watch is an accessory that complements the wardrobe we have. With this in mind, our watch straps have to match the fashion trends that are all around us. If you have a watch that you love but that is not actually in fashion due to the strap, you can simply exchange it with a NATO strap.

Why Choose Gnomon Watches To Buy NATO Straps?


The Gnomonwatches brick and mortar store first opened its door in 2002 in Singapore. Ever since that day, our goal is to keep offering fine craftsmanship and items that people would actually love. As time passed we gained an experience of over 10 years and our passion for wonderful watches make us a popular stop for watch lovers from the country and even from other parts of the world. We know what the best straps are and we recognize your needs as a customer.

Great Prices

The affordability factor mentioned above is reality because we are direct suppliers of NATO watches. That means that we do not work with middlemen. All prices are low and that is one of the main reasons why we achieved so much success till now. Take advantage of that and save some money while you buy genuine NATO watch straps.

Various Special Deals

We always work hard to be able to offer discounts and special deals for our customers. Do not be afraid to Contact Us in order to see exactly what we have available for you at the moment. Since you will most likely want to buy more NATO straps, ask about our bulk buying deals.

Let Us Know What You Think!

At Gnomonwatches our main concern is the customer. If you have any question or if you have a suggestion, let us know! Tell us why you love the NATO straps and what you might want to see from us. We made it a habit of offering great customer support and this will not stop here. Tell us how to make your shopping experience better and we will get it done.

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