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NATO SpecOps

The SpecOps NATO are commissioned by a Special Operations Group according to their specifications. The excess stock are sold as surplus through GNOMONWATCHES. Engineered to withstand extreme conditions and designed with unparalleled reliability, SpecOps NATO are built for action. All SpecOps NATO straps are manufactured under stringent quality control, using the best of of nylon and 316L stainless steel hardware.

SpecOps NATO has the following characteristics:

- New Hi-tech nylon
- Less water adsorbent; fast drying
- Pliable nylon for better comfort

Quality made with laser welded joints. All edges and holes are laser sealed as well for a no frill no rough edges finish. All NATO straps come with an extra flap that rest behind the watch. NO flimsy material! NO plated hardwares! All NATO Straps from Gnomon Watches are the best you can find out there.

18mm, 20mm, 22mm
Measuring 11 Inches long. Suitable for wrist from approximately 160mm (6inch) to 240mm (9.5inch) in 13 steps.
SpecOps NATO: Approximately 1.50mm


NATO / ZULU Straps Ordered Shipping Spring Bar Tool Discount
1 Strap $5 (Airmail)    
2 - 3 Straps Free    
4 - 5 Straps Free Free  
6 or more Straps Free Free 10%


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