Dievas Accessories

Dievas leather and rubber straps are made by the best strap manufacturer in Italy. All leather straps are made from quality genuine leather which is treated in the best original manner by our tanneries. The process of tanning is performed very slowly to get the best results. The Dievas straps are treated using natural oils and waxes during the tanning process to give the straps a luxurious feel. All straps take some 250 steps to complete by hand making them individually unique. As such, each and every strap is a masterpiece on its own.

If you take a close look at other straps offered by other manufacturers, you might find the same exact strap being offered for many times more of what Dievas straps are selling for. They are probably made in the same factory as well. That is why our customers keep coming back for more. We are selling these quality straps at the best price. You can pay more elsewhere but you can't get better made straps.